04 January 2010

"St. Michael, Patron Saint of Kick Ass"
Mixed Media Mosaic

I made this as a prayer shrine while my son, a US Marine, was in Afghanistan.  It was the summer and fall of 2009, and the USMC embarked on an historic mission that was totally trumped by the death of   ---, (still pisses me off so, I can't even mention his name.)  St. Michael is the patron saint of soldiers, firemen and police officers.  I haven't heard my son's stories yet, and I don't know if I ever will have that privilege.  This kept some serenity in my life during his tour, and I really had to trust in the best possible outcome, as my mom would say.

It was also a way to honor, in my own private way, the bravery of these young Marines (and soldiers too.) My son was with the 1/5, 2 MEB and, some of them did not return. I will never forget these men. Their names will stay with me forever.

Semper Fi

Mixed Media Mosaic
Again, Mary has a little white LED light shining on her. Polymer clay tiles, commercial glass, beads. She became a gift to a good friend.

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