29 December 2010

St Michael II

Okay, so here is the deal. I read online today that everything I do on my blog is the wrong thing to do. I am supposed to be inspiring people and posting prices. I am supposed to blog much more frequently. So, the new me is going to be ruthlessly candid, perhaps even controversial. That should at least up my hits up to 82 or something, 79 of which are my own.

But, yeah, that is what I am going to do. I will probably have to ease in to it. I think thoughts that are candid, irreverent,and even perverse. Now, I just gotta put it out there. I might get my feelings hurt but, if it is making somebody feel something, even if it is an unlikeable peice, at least someone's looking at it.
So, this second Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Kick Ass, has the Corona Beer cap I found snorkeling off Rocheta Island, near Acapulco, Mexico. I had to dig it out of the sand and I like it's
rustiness. 5 x 9 1/2", it also is mounted in an Altoid tin can and surrounded by beads, polymer clay tiles, millefiori and charms. $105.00

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