10 January 2011

Damn Kids

La Vida de la Madre (The Life of Mother)

My work generates recollections from the public which I am priveleged to hear. Occassionlly, no actually just once, a very nice young man tried to engage me in the deeper meaning and the juxtapositions of elements in my work.

"Huh?" was my not-so-sophisticate reply.

I think he realized that I had no juxtapositions and I admit, I don't go there and my work is not that deep. So, when it comes to an artist's profile, I struggle. I do it because it makes me laugh, or it is pretty, or to honor something important to me. But, I can't art speak lofty reasons for why I do what I do. If I juxtapose anything, it may be just a little bit of the profane and the sacred, as funny fodder. And that is all. Maybe a Maplethorpe lite, super duper duper lite.

When I looked at the card of Mary, and the pain on her face, I instantly thought about what it is like to raise teenagers. It says "Damn Kids" below her.

La Vida de la Madre
9.75 x 4.5 "
Polymer clay, millefiori, beads, Altoid tin, Saint card, jewelry, charms, loteria card, and the cross in the top I got at La Capilla de La Paz (Chapel of Peace) in Acapulco.
(Sold to two sisters for their mom's Christmas present.)

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