08 February 2011

Something Wonderful Happened Today

My work is now at Your Art's Desire; a gallery and framing shop in Minnetonka, MN.

One of the things I like that they do in the fall is exhibit work from artists who are in recovery from addiction. This subject is personal to me, as a person who grew up in, and has loved alcoholics. They are like magnets to me. But the disease is a seductive thief that robs you of your identity. And its' by-products are what you find in stinky vacuum bags that should have been thrown out a long time ago. I have learned so much from hearing alcoholics speak, and those that love them. Their collective wisdom and insight has helped me limp along to a very good place in my life.

I feel like signing this, Love, Peg leg.

Okay, check them out:



  1. Mighty fine, mighty fine....

  2. Yippee Skippee ..I shall stop by to take a look! In fact, i'll organize a little field trip for fans!

  3. That would be so fun Pat. Thanks for your encouragement. You and Jeff were the first people I called before I left their parking lot!