11 May 2013

Sarah's Mirror
This was made for my artist friend, Sarah.  Sarah makes beautiful jewelry and this mirror doubles as home decor and a working mirror, as she can remove the banner held by the birds that will contain her business name.  It is (approx.) 14 inches high, and I created a few different planes of wood to give the facade some depth.  And then a whole lot of beads, glass and black grout.
Sarah's Mirror
 A few years ago, I was at Pike's Market in Seattle with my daughter.  We went into a crystal shop and I bought a peice of flourite.  It was so beautiful, with it's purple, green and crystaline planes.  I took a train to Portland and I just studied it in the sunlit window, as we passed the sea.  Fast forward a few years and I find the notes I had taken from the shop owner, about flourite's characteristics. I am reminded of the reasons I bought it; restoring one to their highest good, and making Order out of Chaos.  That is what this peice is called.  It is a shrine with a little tea light candle.  The base of the votive repeats, Order out of Chaos, Order out of Chaos..

It is 14 inches high and next week will be available at the Lanesboro Arts Center juried gallery shop.  Road Trip for me!  There will be other peices of mine available also.

Order out of Chaos

Don't forget to visit me at Art-a-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis next weekend, May 17-19, 2013.  It is so much fun.  I will be at the Sheridan School. 


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  1. Really cool stuff Stephanie. I'm looking forward to seeing more at the Art-a Whirl.