04 August 2015

One of the things that is hard to balance for me is my art life and my science life (day job, which I very much enjoy.)  I am a contract worker with two research firms so, I have to make hay when the sun shines; i.e. take the work when it is offered. 

I went to a psychic gallery reading a few months ago; I don't have much drama in my life and I have sort of made friends with confusion.  I wasn't sure if I had much for the two psychics to work with.  Towards the end of everyone else's readings,  when it was my turn, one of the two readers just looked at me and said, "Manifest."  

I wasn't sure what that all meant but I thought it was cool!  Fast forward to now, a few months later, and I think this is it: start an art business.  I have made myself an LLC, sought out a specific artist to be my mentor, started a Facebook page just for art, and bought a canopy for art fests.  I have dropped the pretense of perfection because it is too stressful and quite frankly, I try to reserve that part of me for the pieces I create.  Consequently, my booth, business acumen, etc. is an awkward work in progress.

I did have one question for the psychics; where is my beloved dog, Cleo?  I had to put down my 14 year old little girl last fall and it broke my heart.  To heal, I began to make this shrine.  My intention was to have her dog tag and picture in it but, like most of my ideas, they turn into what they are supposed to be and not necessarily what I had intended.

Copper Shrine

I guess she is still around me and she loves messing with her protoge , Henry the Jack Russell.

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