02 May 2010

Stories II

Stories II

Stories I  was such a hit that I decided to make another piece, from the same batch of packing foam that I had found.  Stories was inspired by acceptance; acceptance that I don't need to know all the details and I don't need to know why some things happened.  I just need to accept and get on honestly with life.  I trust that when it is time for me to know, the story will be revealed to me.  Yeah, so I guess it is about trust too.  Some stories need time before they can be told.

Some detailed photos follow; I wrapped casting material around the foam to strengthen it.  The sides are mosaic with commercial tiles, marbles and millefiori.  The front is mostly polymer clay.  The little egg inside, illuminated by an LED light, is also polymer clay.  I chopped off the top of a birdhouse to cover the battery.  8 x 3 x11", approx. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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