19 March 2011

Robert Frost puts it this way: "No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader."

I have received a few e mails this week, just when I needed to hear them. Thank you Gina and Clare (see links to the Three Crows and Room to Breathe under my "muses.") I will be adding another muse today. It is from the writer, Elizabeth Jarret Andrew.

I took a class from her a few years back at The Loft (also in "muses.") Today I opened an e mail from her, updating people on what she is doing and I soooooo like what she does.

An intimate conversation between oneself and a great mystery. When authors raise ruthless questions, grapple with awe and suffering, joy and doubt, paradox and unity in the context of their life’s story, they write spiritual memoir.

Her quote, right there, got me hooked. I would be adding an exclamation mark to that but, another instructor at The Loft, who taught on web writing, said you are only allowed 6 exclamation marks per year. I have already used 4.

Click on the Robert Frost quote, above, and it will take you to Elizabeth's site.

So, I have been working in "the lab," and will be posting some new stuff, including the cool little shrines from the class I taught.  So, check back soon...

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