03 April 2011

Practice Plaiditude

 Just pretend Plaiditude and Gratitude are interchangeable. Plaiditude is that change in attitude when you start to be thankful for your legs, your eyes, your imperfect relationships, your willing, but struggling, belief in something bigger than yourself; who happens to dig the heck out of you, by the way. Practicing Plaiditude is a conscious act.
 I have found a little prayer, dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Plaidoration. Historically, like all good prayers, it begins with the word, Hearken

(I just made that last sentence up.)

O, for thou art the Divine of Plaid Righteousness
Have Mercy on us
As we strive to pleaseth you
By not wearing solid colors
Consider the wickedness
of those that have not woven
Contrasting threads at right angles.
Forgive the foolish
Where plaidness does not 
dwell in their hearts.
Condemn thou who fail to cleaveth
to their nostril
the scent of plaid attire.
We humbly beseech thee to intercede
upon the tartan-less in distress
And unto thee, wilt bless and shield with favor? 
The rest of us? 
Alleluia Alleluia

Our Lady of Perpetual Plaidoration
10" x 7"

Detail of the plaid polymer clay tiles I made.  I made polymer clay canes, then sliced them to make the tiles.  The crown is also covered with plaid tiles that I made in the same way. Click the link to see how I did this.  How to make polymer clay plaid canes

I also used commercial tile, red grout, beads, collage, small frame, jewelry.  All items were thrift store or garage sale, excluding the purchased and hand-made tiles.

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