21 August 2011

Summer Update

 Here are a couple of Buffalo Girls.  These are vintage toys in a wooden frame.  There is a copper glitter background and, polymer clay drapes.  It is still a work in progress. 8 x 11 inches. 

 This says "Arlynn's Garden" below a placid little bird.  Sorry about the reflection; it is really a rich piece and one I made for myself.  It is in memory of my mom, Arlynn.  She was a master of so much.  A friend of Jeff's once told him that she learned more about her father after he died, then she ever knew about him when he was alive..  I guess I thought that all mom's could garden, crochet, get their Master's Degree and make art like a pro.  She taught me so much, by example, because she wasn't much of a talker.  And she couldn 't cook worth shit..  She hated cooking.  Some details follow of this piece.

Sushi Lovers Rise up!  This piece is the same size as "Arlynn's Garden."  About 5 x 7 inches and, the recessed part is an Altoid's tin.  Here is a little plate of Sushi, with wasabi and pickled ginger.  The righteous little fist I got at a surplus store and is a doll part.  As usual, polymer clay tiles and beads were used.  I sold this to a food and wine lover!

Oh, just one more thing....I am teaching a polymer clay tile class at The Studio @ Rush Creek this week.  And, I am in my first juried show; the Clean II show at Yourart'sdesire, Minnetonka, MN.  (see link under muses.)


  1. You were a good student of your mom.
    Love all the pieces XO

  2. Beautiful work! Hello from Wisconsin, Bruce & Lizz

  3. These are all beautiful!!! Your work with polymer clay is fantastic!! :D