28 February 2012

My First Rodeo

My First Rodeo

I read Georgia O'Keeffe biography a long time ago.  At a garage sale, I sold a nice big picture book of hers, along with a big book on her husband's (Alfred Stieglitz) photos.  I regret that now.  Like O'Keeffe, I am attracted to bleached bones, horns and skulls.  I purchased the cow horns a few years ago at a thrift shop and I spent last winter beading and gluing millefiori on them (More detailed photos to follow on next post.)  I wasn't sure what I would do with them but, last fall things came together.  With an old conch belt I had bought in a California thrift shop, a little plastic horse from a flea market, and a frame on sale at Michael's, the piece started to pull together.  I spray painted the frame green, mounted another boxed frame on back, and beaded a bunch more.  Awhile back in the mail , I had received an advertisement with pictures of drapes one could purchase at JC Penney's.  Perfect schematics for making polymer clay drapes!  The background is mosaic white tile and grout.  It is for sale (most of my posts on this blog are.) A little metallic plaque below the horse says, "My First Rodeo."  What you don't see, mounted behind the drapes, is an orange light that makes this little pony look pissed off!  16 x 18 x 6 inches.

Okay, more news...I am teaching a class at The Studio at Rush Creek (Maple Grove, MN.)  You will learn how to make polymer clay tiles and embellish them.  6:30 to 8:30 pm March 7, 2012.  See you there, ok?

p.s. I really have to give credit to this artist, Laurie Mika, for inspiring me.  I have not been able to take one of her classes (yet) but, I have watched her art on line for years.  Then one day she wrote a book and I was all over that!

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