13 May 2012

HI everybody!  I have wanted to post sooner but what a busy couple of months I have had.  I have a new job and I just finished a Philosophy course and some other "stuff" that has kept me super busy.  Here is what I wanted to tell you though; I will be at Northeast Minneapolis' Art-a-Whirl this Friday through Sunday, May 18-10, 2012.  I will be at the Keg House, in the Sip coffee shop.  I overheard another artist telling someone that Art-a-Whirl is the largest art crawl in the nation.  There is alot of fun stuff going on all over.  Hello Kitty will be there and available for purchase.  She measures about 13 inches across and is about 3 inches deep (sorry for the vague dimensions.)  Below are some photos from a post over a year ago, where I beaded a real cat skull and began tiling a piece of foam I got out of the dumpster.  Cobalt blue tile, mostly and a sculpted pink kitty head.  She is not your daughter's hello kitty, heehee. 

It is unlikely that you will recall my one year ago post but, I dropped kitty and chipped her teeth.  I had to resculpt and file them with Apoxie Sculpt.  Oh, and while we are still on the subject of Art-a-Whirl, I will have a couple of new pieces and I will be taking....ta dah.....credit cards!

Oh, one more thing...the Minnesota Mosiac Guild's Spring show is in St. Paul, MN at Mosiac on a stick.  It ends this Saturday, May 19, 2012.  I have a piece there and, I will also be with the Guild at a gallery in Stillwater, MN this July.

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