21 January 2013

Brrrrrrr....it is below zero degrees in Minnesota and very windy.  It is a good time to stay in and create, which is what I have been doing for the last five days.  I thought I would show some more pics of what I have been up to over the winter (so far.)

This is a mirror I am making for a friend and is still a work in progress.  Lots and lots of beads, some tile and millefiore.  I will be grouting it in black soon.  I took an 8 x 10" frame and sculpted the extra "curls" with wood and apoxie.


Here is a buffalo skull Jeff brought back to me last year, after hunting in Arkansas.  I had just bought these beads and I was playing around, seeing what they would look like on the skull.  I hope to be showing some progress images soon on the buffalo skull; it will have none of these beads on it.  Instead, I am reinforcing the weak areas of the skull and priming it; preparing to put something totally different on it.  This is a very old skull and the sinuses keep flaking off and falling out.  Parts of it have cracked and, I have brushed the teeth several times.  Did you know that the horns are actually keratin, over bone, and this one's horns probably fell off a long time ago.  Stay tuned....

This is my fancy water holder. 
This is my studio.  It is painted "Provencial Lemon;" a color my son and Jeff helped me paint on shortly before I went to France last year.  This used to be the room the kids would hang out in and watch TV.  I would tell my son and his girlfriend, "I need to see some air between you two!"  Lots of gaming,movie watching, and when we were gone, the little angels "entertained" down here.  We knew it because the windows were left open (why?) 
One of my little angels is in Washington D.C. going to school now.  She was at the Presidential Inauguration today.  I heard many years ago that your kids will take you to new places; mine sure have.  I digress...back to art and a little announcement.
I am teaching a cute, little polymer clay tile class at the local library February 16, 2013.  The State of Minnesota has bequeathed monies to support the arts, The Legacy Fund.  So, I was asked to do this class and would love it if you attended.  It is a lot of fun for kids, as well as adults.
Delano Library (follow this link and it will take you right to the registration page.)
Aggghhhhh!  I have to go outside now.  Stay warm everybody!

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