13 January 2013

Hey! Here are a little bit better images of Dream Maker. I had mentioned before that I am trying to take my own photos and, I just got my editing program loaded.




 I am including an almost finished shrine, Order Out of Chaos. In the upcoming posts, I will include some more things I have been up too.


I created the substrate out of foam and wood; then began the mosaicing process.  The flowers are embellishments I purchased and painted; then gilded (when I grouted, the abrasive grout took the gilding off.  I will have to redo that.)  There is a battery-lit tea light inside the little balcony, which I also sculpted and cut glass for.  Polymer clay lines the inside of the niche.  When I finish it, there will be some text around the balcony that says Order out of Chaos, Order out of Chaos...or, something like that.  This is approximately 14" in height.

I wanted a little shrine to remind me that clarity comes with time and patience.

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