06 January 2013

Dream Maker
My Christmas present to Jeff; I backlit a paperweight with a craft light. (Factory Direct Crafts)   The paper weight and frame I found at thrift shops and, I raided Jeff's workbench for motorcycle parts and tools to add/ make clay imprints with.  A few of the stamps I used in the polymer clay, I ordered off  Etsy.  We have a Jack Russell Terrier whom Jeff loves so, I included that too.  It is approximately 10 x 14 ".

The last post was May, 2012.  My intention was to post more frequently but, I started a new job, had a kid move back in, had a kid get married, went to France and Spain for 3 weeks, (some of which was to attend a wonderful art retreat in Dufort, France.  My instructor was Dayle Doroshow. I highly recommend her course!)  And just recently, helped another kid transfer colleges from the West to the East Coast.  It was distracting but, it was all good distractions as I am really enjoying my job and, loving the company of the kids.  I have had enough of Santa now and, after wondering what the heck I am doing with my art, (why do I do this, I just love to create, I don't know nothing 'bout marketing, who wants this stuff anyways...ad nauseum...)  I guess we will see where 2013 takes me. 
More to come; more frequently too.  I am learning a new camera and I hope to have rockin' images to follow.   Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2013 takes you to some fascinating places too.


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