16 September 2014

A few little things...

This was taken with my iPhone.  It is an Altoid shrine; with polymer clay and a Loteria card.   It is a little tough to read the text so, here is what it says.

I shall be thy lover
And if by chance to know my face
My hold shall be
Your last embrace.

Deviled Eggs.
  I am quite good at making deviled eggs out of polymer clay. (This photo is a little too bright and unedited.)
This is also an Altoid tin shrine, with a Loteria card and a polymer clay frame.

This was taken by my friend, Mitch so it is a much better picture!  It is at the Lanesboro Gallery and it is approx 10" high and illuminated with an haunting, violet LED..  Wood, polymer clay and beads.

I had mentioned before that I would add some pics from France.  Here is one of me in one of the carpets of sunflowers in the Languedoc region of France.  This is shortly before I climbed a very steep hill to visit a Cathar castle in Montseguer.  I wouldn't have been smiling if I had known what the climb was like.
Towards the end of our trip, we visited Omaha Beach in Normandy, France; near Colleville-sur-Mer.  This is where my father-in-law landed on June 6, 1944, as part of the Army's 1st Division.  He was in the first wave, and we believe most likely the only survivor from the Landing Craft that took him in.  It affected him profoundly and left a legacy of reverence in his family for the humble troop.  Here is my husband, Jeff, gathering sand for his family to take back to the states.  He wrote a lovely tribute in the sand to his father.  A young girl saw him do this and she came and wrote her own message in the sand.

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