02 September 2014

Tramp Art

I like using found things to create projects around.  I do not know how to paint.  I suppose I could learn.  I was just rejected by a gallery because they focus on painting and my art is more "folk art," which I love by the way.  I get it though, galleries have a certain clientele and direction they want to go.  

Tramp Art is something that I discovered surfing the net and I think these fish would qualify. 

Bud Walleye, Approx 3' in length.
Available at Stone's Throw.
insert pic
I don't drink much beer but, I have a lot of people taking it for the team for me.  A couple of establishments have collected bottle caps for me as well and, a bistro in France gave me quite a few (once we breeched the language barrier.)

Leona Walleye. She still needed her bud lite scales at the time this picture was taken.
Available at Stone's Throw.

Leona was not finished at the time this picture was taken.  She now has all her bottle cap fish scales.  She and Bud are 3' long and each have close to 265 + beer caps on them .  Their face and fins are mosaiced with glass tiles. Leona has eyelashes!

About France, Wow! What a trip!  'Paris the first few days, where we saw the Tour de France.  Followed by an art and cooking workshop in Dufort, France.  Dayle Doroshow and Nese Pelt provided the most fantastic experience for  us.  I have been on a cooking fervor since because Nese, (pronounced "Nisha,") took the mystery and fear out of it.  I was inspired by both Dayle and Nese. 

The trip wrapped up in Brittany where we stayed at Maison de Granit.  Some of you who are local may recognize the owner in the website; it is Lucia, of Lucia's Wine Bar.  Brittany was such a treasure, as was the Languadoc region where Dufort is located.  More to follow...

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